HotRockPanel Original Insulation 2′ x 4′ sheets


Original HotRockPanels Insulation for hydronic radiant heating


Original HotRockPanel Insulation
  • R10 thermal resistance
  • 28 psi compressive strength
  • 8 square foot floor coverage
  • U-Shaped edges for air tight seal
  • 2″ nominal thickness, 3-¾” overall from bottom to top of pucks
  • Expanded Polystyrene
  • Raised knobs to hold PEX
  • Thermoformed polystyrene moisture barrier

These panels have unique “mushroom” shaped nubs which locks the PEX tubing firmly in place (staples and zip ties not needed). The 2’x4’ (610x1220mm) panels are placed on compacted stone/gravel. PEX tubing is then easily inserted into the panels simply by walking in the tubing. Concrete is poured on top of the panel to the required thickness (as per local code) encasing the tubing, nubs and any steel reinforcement (optional – rebar or welded wire mesh).